20 September 2014

Nicosia day out

Cool Lime Refresher

As you guys probably already know I am currently living in Cyprus with my boyfriend. After being here for nearly over 2 months the "holiday feeling" still isnt over!
Everyday I'm finding out new things to do and explore. Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus so you'd think its the least touristy part of the island as most people only know the Ayia Napa region. I love finding little gift shops (they have the weirdest things) but I like all of that I guess. 

I decided to wear something bright and easy to walk around in all day. I adore any sort of floral print but sunflowers are definitely my favourite! I bought this top from River Island about 6 months ago and totally forgot I had it until I was looking though my mountin of un-organized clothing in our new house after moving and it made me smile just by looking at the print and the buttons going all the way down from the back was just a winner! At first I found it quite difficult to pair with, baring in mind that the weather is 35 degrees at this point so I opted for a simple pair of jean shorts from Zara that I've had for about 4 year but still love them just as much and plain black Chanel espadrilles.

Top: River Island
Jean Shorts: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga 
Shoes: Chanel



  1. Your outfit is so pretty!


    XOXO, Susy

  2. i really love your outfit! swooning over those shoes :)

    xo, carli

    1. Thank you Carli, I love them so much too haha xxx

  3. I love your top! The weather looks amazing x


    1. haha thank you! and 34 degrees everyday isn't too bad i guess lol xx


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