18 January 2015

Dior Nude Foundation

I first tried this foundation 6 years ago when I was 14. I didn't have the best of skin and I've always believed if you spend a little more you'll get more for your money.. Not in all cases but I strongly believe that when it comes to skincare and foundation, it counts. 

I remember wanting something full coverage to hide my teenage spots and all the imperfections every teenagers think they have but my mum disagreed and said 'get something light so your skin can still breathe'. I ended up in boots and I had heard so much about Dior nude and how it was like wearing nothing on your skin, so I went along and the sales woman tried on about 3 different colours until she found the right one for me. The foundation was so light on my skin that I would always forget I even had it on! After a year my skin began to get a lot worse (not because of the foundation) and by this time I had forgotten what it's like to go to school/out without make up but I needed to clear my skin. I decided to take a week off from wearing anything on my face and it wasn't as bad as I thought, after a week I did another week and another.. My skin cleared up a lot and I felt so comfortable in my skin that I didn't go back to wearing make up, expect a bit of mascara.

After a couple of months not really bothering too much with makeup I discovered the world of YouTube and blogging and instantly fell in love! I wanted to try all the products they were loving and speaking so highly off. I bought every foundation you can think of lol, I tried everything and found some new amazing products! My skin had cleared up so I never needed full coverage but I had so many different foundations at that point that I would wear full coverage for the sake of using the product.

After leaving school and entering the working world I went back to Dior nude and haven't really used a different foundation since. This foundation gives my skin such a nice dewy finish, doesn't stick in pores and keeps my skin hydrated. Lasting power is around 6-7 hours and I know thats quite low compared to others but it doesn't smudge while its on. I have literally bought this foundation over 6 times, if not way more. I have combination to dry skin and this for me just makes my skin look perfect. 

'Provides a subtle velvet finish with just the right amount of correction"

I know a lot of bloggers have said this foundation isn't for girls 20 and younger but I disagree, I tried it on at a young age and have always had it in my makeup bag. Whenever you are thinking of buying a new foundation especially if its from a premium brand I always recommend going in store and getting a sample. Try the sample for the whole day and see if its right for you, just because something works so well on someone else it doesn't mean it'll work like that on everyone. I have spent so much money buying foundations without sampling them to make sure they are really right for me.

Have you guys tried Dior nude? And what is your holy grail foundation? 
I will also be doing a Q+A video on youtube soon so if you have any questions?



  1. Hello, this looks like a fantastic foundation, not one I have tried yet but its on my wish list, my all time favorite is Chanel vitalumiere in shade 20 clair, I just find it works best with me, can't feel it on my skin, great blog can't wait to try this one :D

  2. This foundation sounds really good, something that I would love. I need some coverage and I love the dewy finish.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  3. This sounds amazing as I love a dewy glow! My go to foundation is the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation!
    Rachel Coco


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