9 April 2015

Uses for coconut oil

Make up remover 
I'm normally a make up wipe kinda girl, but since I used coconut oil to remove my make up I've seen such a big difference in the amount of make up I'm actually removing and how soft my skin feels after. All I do is apply the oil directly to my face just like an oil cleanser to melt away my makeup and even remove my waterproof mascara (which has also helped my eyelashes grow) I normally wash the oil off and continue with my skincare routine. 

Hair mask
My hair right now is still so damaged from me going blonde and bleaching it so I've been doing hair masks every 4 days to try and treat my dry and frazzled hair. I apply the oil to my hair and leave it an hour or two before shampooing and conditioning it, or what I do is tend to leave it overnight for a deep condition.

Cuticle treatment 
Most of us use hand creams and forget about our cuticles, but just by dabbing a little bit of coconut oil around the base of your nails, will soften them and it will help your nail polish last a lot longer.

Shaving oil
Using coconut oil as a shaving oil is a really old idea because not only does it give a close shave but it leaves your legs super smooth.

Over night face treatment 
I have very dry skin and whenever the weather changes my skin reacts to the change in a bad way! Instead of my normal moisturiser I apply the coconut oil all over my face and neck and leave it overnight. Although it does feel a little greasy to start with the oil absorbs really quickly. 

Make up brush cleaner 
You should always try and clean your brushes after every use but not everyone has the time and some make up brush cleansers can be so expensive too but mixing anti-bacterial soap and coconut oil and massaging it into the brushes will leave them super clean and soft.

**I have heard some people talk about coconut oil in a negative way and how it can cause acne but everyones skin is different and will react differently to different products, personally I have only ever had good experiences using it** 

Do you have any other uses for coconut oil?



  1. I love cooking with this oil but need to get it into my beauty routine!
    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. This was very helpful, i think i might try this on for overnight! x
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  3. I literally use coconut oil for everything. It's such a huge multi use product! I also use it for teeth whiting which is great ;)
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  4. I never thought of using it as a cleaner, I'll have to try it out.
    (: | TinnyGlitzPhie

  5. I totally use coconut oil as a body butter and I love it! Awesome post. XO - Kim

  6. I think if you have acne prone skin, leaving it on your skin overnight or as a moisturiser or whatever is not the best idea because it's highly comodegenic. However, I have acne prone skin and I use it as a makeup remover and as long as I cleanse it all off after it's fine, it's actually been helping with spots and clogged pores :) I love it!


  7. I've heard amazing things about Coconut Oil however just for hair and food - never really new the versatility of it! I myself suffer with extremely dry skin and it too changes drastically with the weather and found that no moisturiser does the job, so I will definitely have to purchase and try it out as the over night face treatment - brilliant post, so helpful!

    LL | www.cautivar.com

  8. This is an amazing post ! I knew about hair mask but not the other uses, I keep hearing how good this oil is and was wondering what could be its uses, now I know !



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